We develop workflows for Film and TV
We create Apps for OS X and iOS
We architect storage networks and archiving solutions

Factorial is located in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand.


We design broadcast and post-production workflows

Leverage our experience architecting Film and TV workflows — from ingest to delivery. Our approach is to integrate your collaboration tools, asset management, shared storage, and archiving using a unified infrastructure platform.

Our solutions are based on scalable high-performance storage that is open for integration with your choice of creative tools.

Using our production-tested frameworks, we rapidly build user-friendly bespoke Apps for iOS and OSX to drive your workflow.


Park Road Post Case Study

Factorial is proud to have developed cutting-edge software tools, high-performance storage area networking, and scalable archive solutions to power Park Road Post Production's High Frame Rate Stereoscopic pipeline.

Factorial has worked closely with Park Road over the last three years to architect an integrated software and hardware platform to manage digital cinema media throughout its lifecycle through ingest, HFR digital dailies, grading, online, and archive.

The partnership with Park Road was founded on making technology choices that empower the creative processes involved in film post-production, rather than bending creative tools to fit the limits of current technology. The result is a uniquely integrated workflow, software toolset, and storage infrastructure that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

With such a massive amount of raw source material, it was essential to give the team at Park Road applications that let them drive the workflow in an efficient and easy-to-use way. Park Road uses Factorial Apps to import RED camera data and its associated metadata, perform initial QC and validation in the field, and then track the stereo clips using an asset management system. Park Road's Mistika operators use Factorial Apps to generate templated stereo sequences for the Mistika suites, and package deliveries for handover to editorial.

Thomas Bauer, Director and Software Architect at Factorial, says that Factorial's existing frameworks for media workflows allowed them to rapidly develop a set of bespoke applications that streamlined key tasks in Park Road's post-production pipeline. "Our approach makes the development process very flexible, and allows us to be responsive to user feedback and workflow changes throughout the production."

Phil Oatley, Park Road's Head of Technology says that the tools developed by Factorial were essential in delivering such a massive digital film production within extremely tight deadlines, and breaking new ground technically.

Tim Benson, Director and Technology Evangelist at Factorial, says the key philosophy was that all systems would access media in-place to allow close collaboration across the facility, without the need to check-out data locally. "We unified multiple different systems with a single high-performance Storage Area Network fabric totaling more than 1.5 Petabytes of high-performance disk, allowing more than 70 SAN clients running a mix of OS X, Linux, and Windows work with same media at the same time."

Factorial tuned the storage, Fibre Channel fabrics, and filesystems to achieve the extreme throughputs required for realtime 3D and 48fps across multiple suites. Factorial also managed the deployment and integration of a tiered-storage solution based on StorNext Storage Manager to provide more than 2 Petabytes of near-line LTO tape archive, handling throughputs of up to 20 Terabytes per day, serving a production that ran for more than 300 days.

Phil Oatley adds that the storage challenges they faced were unprecedented in the film industry, in terms of bandwidth, capacity, and data management. "Factorial put together storage tuned to our specific requirements that outperforms anything on the market, and for a fraction of the price of off-the-shelf solutions. The choice to archive data near-line on virtualised tape proved highly scalable and easy to integrate."

Factorial is immensely grateful for the partnership that continues with Park Road, and is excited about what the future holds for this new way of making films that has been pioneered together.

Workflow Park Road Diagram

iOS App Development

Factorial offers custom iOS App development

Factorial recently designed and developed the new DM iPhone App which has launched in April 2015 to more than 80,000 users on day one.

Development was carried out in cooperation with Synetworks who was responsible for project management and the design of various back-end and content management systems maintained by Cards&Systems.

Integrating the App with various real-time back-end systems in an efficient way was a real challenge, and Factorial’s rapid prototyping approach and flexibility made this very easy. Throughout the whole development process Factorial proactively updated the App’s visual and functional design several times to match iOS design evolution and delivered a beautiful, native, high-quality iOS user experience for DM’s customers.
- Lothar Egger, CEO of Synetworks

DM iPhone App

DM is a leading chain of retail stores in Austria (and across Europe) that sells cosmetics, healthcare and household products. DM currently runs about 380 retail locations in Austria.

The new DM iPhone App includes many features that can only be delivered using a native iOS App, like for instance effective offline caching of all content to allow customers to continue using the App even if internet connectivity is interrupted and reducing the required data transfer to an absolute minimum.

The new DM iPhone App was designed to compliment DM’s highly successful customer rewards programme where customers can collect points based on purchases and redeem them for various benefits using an in-store kiosk system. With the new iPhone App the customers can now use all aspects of the rewards programme (collecting points at the checkout, reviewing accrued points, browsing and redeeming coupons) right from their fingertips and entirely within the App.


We write software for OS X and iOS

ClipTouch Server

Clip Touch Server

ClipTouch Server is asset management in a nutshell — an easy to use, powerful App for OS X built on cutting-edge Apple technologies. It scales from a single MacBook up to a fully automated server-based workgroup deployment.

ClipTouch Server also powers Wingnut TV — the film review iPad App for directors, developed in partnership with Wingnut Films.

ClipTouch Server is currently available together with Wingnut TV and other custom Apps.

Wingnut TV

Wingnut TV

Wingnut TV brings film review to the iPad in a powerful and elegant interface. Wingnut TV has been specifically designed for the requirements of film directors.

Wingnut TV uses ClipTouch Server to curate and manage the content presented inside the App.

Watch our presentation on "Designing an iPad App for film directors" at UX Design Day Wellington 2013.


ArchiveFS is a gateway filesystem to Quantum’s StorNext tape-based archive storage, and abstracts client applications from the technicalities introduced by tape operations and ensures easy and seamless integration.

ArchiveFS extends StorNext Storage Manager by offering additional features including checksumming, bridging tape operation delays and notifications for tape vaulting.

ArchiveFS volumes can be re-shared via various network filesystems. Use ArchiveFS and FTP to seamlessly connect your Grass Valley STRATUS to your StorNext environment for archiving.



  • In-line checksum generation during write, and validation during read
  • Automatic version detection to avoid re-archiving of identical assets
  • Automatic detection of requests for files that are only available on tape media
  • Customisable bandwidth control to abstract applications from delays during restores from tape
  • Optional email notification for all read requests relating to vaulted media that is outside of the tape library
  • Optional blocking of file deletion from the archive after a certain elapsed time

ArchiveFS requires OSX 10.9 or later and StorNext 4 or StorNext 5 with Storage Manager.


High-performance shared storage and archive

We design fast, reliable and easy-to-manage cross-platform Storage Area Networks. We deploy highly-scalable solutions that can grow to match your requirements.

We tune performance for your specific application requirements — from HD video to HFR Stereo 5K digital intermediate.

We empower you to manage enormous data sets and demanding bandwidth challenges using archive technology that removes complexity from your workflow.


Thomas Bauer

Thomas Bauer

Director + Software Architect

Thomas graduated in physics and worked as a scientist before he decided to switch entirely to IT.

Thomas has over ten years of experience as a developer on the Apple platform. He manages product and software development at Factorial and is responsible for Wingnut TV, ClipTouch Server, as well as for several Film and TV integration projects here in New Zealand, and internationally.

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Tim Benson

Tim Benson

Director + Technology Evangelist

Tim graduated in Chemical and Process Engineering before switching to a career in IT.

Tim has more than ten years experience in the IT industry. Tim has a passion for designing and optimising rich media pipelines and their associated infrastructure. He has architected and delivered large and complex projects in the broadcast, and feature-film post-production sectors.

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Andrew Hamer-Adams

Andrew Hamer-Adams

Consulting Engineer

Andrew has been immersed in the world of computers and development from an early age.

Andrew has many years of experience in the IT industry, and brings a large base of multi-platform knowledge and expertise. He has considerable experience with scripting and web technologies. He enjoys development, and has managed and contributed to several open source and personal coding projects.

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