We design workflows for digital media
We develop full stack custom software
We architect storage and archiving solutions

Workflows for digital media

Leverage our experience designing workflows — from small creative workgroups all the way to the largest post-production and digital preservation pipelines on the planet.

We start by understanding how you work, and identify opportunities to simplify complex tasks, and improve performance and productivity. We can solve even the most complex integration challenges using our toolbox of technology building blocks.

ClipTouch Server

Lightweight and Fast Asset Management - Made for Integration

Custom Apps

We create best-in-class native Apps for the Apple platform, and web/full stack solutions that provide a near-native experience for our users. With 15 years experience in delivering cutting-edge custom solutions, we have a proven track record of rapidly delivering quality, stable, and easy-to-use software for businesses and consumers.


We select only the best technology partners to deliver reliable high performance systems to match your business requirements.

Our solution building blocks include:

  • media asset management
  • production asset management
  • workflow automation
  • high performance flash and disk storage
  • storage virtualisation
  • storage networking
  • tiered storage and intelligent data management
  • object storage
  • LTO tape archive
  • cloud archive

Thomas Bauer

Thomas Bauer

Director + Software Architect

Thomas graduated in Physics and worked as a scientist before he decided to switch entirely to IT.

Thomas has over twenty five years of experience as a full-stack and Apple developer. He manages product and software development at Factorial and is responsible for ClipTouch Server, Wingnut TV, as well as for several Film and TV integration projects here in New Zealand, and internationally.

Tim Benson

Tim Benson

Director + Technology Evangelist

Tim graduated in Chemical and Process Engineering before switching to a career in IT.

Tim has more than twenty five years experience in the IT industry. Tim has a passion for designing and optimising rich media pipelines and their associated infrastructure. He manages infrastructure projects at Factorial and is responsible for delivery of large-scale and complex shared storage and archive deployments.

Andrew Hamer-Adams

Andrew Hamer-Adams

Consulting Engineer + Developer

Andrew has more than twenty years of experience in the IT industry, and brings full-stack development skills and multi-platform knowledge.

Andrew works on Factorial's software development projects across macOS, iOS, NodeJS, and the web, and also provides expert level Quantum StorNext support and integration.

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ArchiveFS Icon


ArchiveFS presents a StorNext Archive as a user-friendly and application-friendly file system hosted on a Mac. Safely browse archive volumes without triggering unwanted restores from LTO tape or Object storage. Intelligently manage bandwidth, checksumming, versioning, and permissions.

ArchiveFS is deployed with two New Zealand broadcasters and manages more than 500,000 assets.

Download ArchiveFS Datasheet

Nekehia Icon


Developed by Factorial, Nekehia is a custom macOS archiving app built to suit Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision's primary requirements — ensure assets are packaged correctly, and ensure they are safely transferred to their Storage Manager based archive.

Nekehia packages flexible folder structures ('Asset Bundles'), ensures the contents conform to specific naming rules, catalogues and checksums each item, and uses this information to ensure 'Asset Bundle' integrity from initial packaging right through to the final archive destination transfer.

Alongside detailed reporting and error catching, Nekehia supports batch processing, fast memory efficient checksumming for large files, fast copying support for large files, and supplemental updating of asset bundles already existing on the archive.

DM Icon

Wingnut TV

Developed by Factorial for Wingnut Films, Wingnut TV brings film review to the iPad in a powerful and elegant interface. Specifically designed for the requirements of film directors, Wingnut TV uses Factorial’s ClipTouch Server lightweight asset management platform to curate and manage the content presented inside the app, delivered with enterprise-class security.

Duncan Nimmo & Thomas Bauer: Wingnut Films & Factorial – Wingnut TV
from UX Design Day.

Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

Factorial has worked with the Malaghan Institute for more than five years, and deployed a new StorNext Pro Foundation clustered storage solution in 2015 — consolidating all SAN, NAS, VM, compute, and backup storage onto a single high-availability and scalable platform.

Māori Television

Factorial designed and commissioned a system based on StorNext comprising 840 Terabytes of disk storage, 1.6 Petabytes of near-line LTO-9 storage, and unlimited off-site archive storage hosting all of Māori Television’s digital media assets.

Factorial has unified multiple workflows using ClipTouch Server for Media Asset Management, and custom integration platform called Te Hono — based on NodeJS. This system integrates ingest, QC, edit, subtitling, export for playout, export for online cloud delivery, archive and restore — all from a single integrated UI. A Factorial ArchiveFS Appliance provides StorNext archive integration for Grass Valley STRATUS.

Whakaata Māori chose ClipTouch Server to manage media assets and power up automation of ingest, distribution and archive workflows. Since its deployment in 2019, the platform has been reliable, performant and easily adaptable.

Responsive to the changing nature of our business needs ClipTouch Server stepped along with evolution of our environments.

Over the years the platform has proven to be uncompromisingly stable and very well maintained.
Maxim Kalabukov
Kaiwhakahaere Rauemi Papaaho
Head of Platforms and Infrastructure
Whakaata Māori
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Factorial has architected and commissioned shared storage and archive infrastructure based on Quantum StorNext and Scalar Libraries to host all of Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision's digital media assets.

Online storage comprises 3.6 Petabytes of high availability disk systems capable of more than 15 Gigabytes per second of throughput — accessible simultaneously via Fibre Channel, IP, and NAS. Archive storage comprises more than 40 Petabytes of near-line LTO-9 archive capable of real-world throughputs of up to 160 Terabytes per day. ActiveVault secures the primary copy of LTO media by storing it air-gapped from the network.

The solution was commissioned in early 2022, and as of April 2024 has already processed and archived 25 Petabytes of data.

Factorial has developed Te Wairoro — a bespoke web portal to streamline physical asset management and workflow tasks for both users and integrating connected systems — including ClipTouch Server Media Asset Management and Nekehia validation and automation.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision has chosen ClipTouch Server to provide Media Asset Management for Utaina – currently the largest audiovisual mass digitisation project in the world. ClipTouch Server is responsible for cataloguing the digitised representations of more than 300,000 analogue video and audio items totalling in excess of 260,000 hours. ClipTouch Server extracts technical metadata and facilitates upstream and downstream workflows from ingest, validation, QC, archive, and delivery.

ClipTouch Server integrates seamlessly with a wider ecosystem of collection management, physical asset management, and archive systems via its open API. ClipTouch Server has proven extremely reliable and easy to use, and has scaled-up to handle a dynamic, always-on workflow.
Kate Roberts
Pou Rokiroki Taonga
Group Manager, Preservation
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
New Zealand Racing Board

Factorial supports near-line and off-site archive storage for all of TAB Trackside’s digital video and radio assets. Factorial has integrated the New Zealand Racing Board’s StorNext Archive directly with Grass Valley STRATUS News and Production Management with an ArchiveFS appliance managing more than 250TB of digital assets.

Park Road Post Production

A multi-year partnership with Park Road has been founded on making technology choices that empower the creative processes involved in film post-production, rather than bending creative tools to fit the limits of current technology. The result is a uniquely integrated workflow, software toolset, and storage infrastructure that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Factorial has architected, delivered, and maintains more than five Petabytes of critical storage and archive infrastructure that allows all systems at Park Road to access media in-place to allow close collaboration across the facility, without the need to check-out data locally.

Download Case Study

The Rebel Fleet

Based in New Zealand, The Rebel Fleet provides a wide range of digital workflow services for television and film production crews, including on-location colour correction and quality control, archiving, content delivery, and more.

Factorial has worked with the The Rebel Fleet to engineer high-performance shared storage and new digital workflows to meet the rigorous service demands of their large-scale film projects.

In record time, Factorial deployed a system based on Quantum StorNext and Xcellis hardware to deliver 400TB of ingest capacity and 4K realtime online storage in a uniquely mobile form factor.

StorNext has changed the way we work. It provides the performance we need plus the flexibility to support a wide variety of creative tools and processes. With StorNext, we are completely unconstrained.
- Mike Urban, Founder and Managing Director at The Rebel Fleet

The Rebel Fleet have gone on to standardise on StorNext and Xcellis for all their critical projects going forward.

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